Fire Grates & Ash Pans


Heavy Cast Iron Fire Grates

Available in standard sizes of approximately 585mm, 685mm, 760mm and (900mm currently out of stock)all 350mm across.
Ash pans to suit

Fabricated Steel Fire Grates

Made to order in set sizes 300mm to 932mm wide either 300mm or 350mm across.

Can also be  custom made to measure.

Ash pans to suit.


  • Ash Pans
  • Ash Pit Doors
  • Tip Grates
  • Wood Holders
  • Bellows
  • etc..

Heavy duty cast iron grates. Available in widths of 450mm, 585mm, 685mm, 760mm and 900mm - all 350mm front-to-back across top.

Custom fire grate and ashpan that fits below

Custom Trapezoid Ash Pan

Mid weight ash pan in set sizes

to suit cast iron grates

Heavy Duty Ash Pan- made to measure


Tip grates, bellows and ash pit doors

Tip Grate

210 mm x 230 mm

Ashpit door

365 mm x 175 mm




Bellows - available only in  black