Free Standing Firescreens

Sloping Firescreens

Fully cover the fireplace aperture and are very stable thus providing greater safety for small children and pets.  We  provide a made to measure service.

Flat Panel Firescreens

Sit close to the fireplace opening minimising space requirements. Available in standard or broad faced frame. Stocked items and made to measure.

Free standing flat panel firescreen. 16 mm x 16 mm frame with plain handle.

Flat freestanding 25 mm x 12 mm broad frame firescreen 

Curved Firescreens

Standard and made to measure

Small Curved Firescreen


 Firescreen Specials

Until sold out. Standard sizes only.

FS 019 Curved fire screen

1070 mm w x 780 mm h Was $190.00 now $110.00

FS013 Small three sided fixed wing 630 mm x 560 mm h x 120 mm deep

Was $160.00 now $95.00